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    Trauma. Relationship Issues. Life Transitions. Often things happen in life that we aren't prepared for or feel like we have no control over. At times, we find ourselves struggling with unhealthy patterns and habits that drag us down and affect our relationships and work. Some of us focus so much on caring for others, our needs are forgotten. Dreams and relationships that once held such promise begin to crumble and feel burdensome. Sometimes we just need a little help making it through a transition that's a little tougher than we anticipated.

    Maybe today that's you. Instead of love, contentment and joy, you feel anxious, weary and overwhelmed.  Discouragement,  resentment and shame might not be far behind. Each day becomes more of a chore and the things you once loved barely hold your interest.

    It doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to stay stuck and continue repeating behaviors that you feel powerless to change! You can recover from the wounds of trauma, reclaim your identity and rediscover your dreams.  Experience relief from the burdens and heaviness or anxiety you feel.  And in the process feel empowered, experience more joy and enjoy life!

    My name is Lisa. I love partnering with people who are motivated to grow and are looking for support.  With a healthy dose of compassion, I gently challenge and encourage people to embrace new truths, accept what they cannot change and reclaim the power to change what they can.

    My Clients. My clients are hard-working, curious and courageous (It takes courage to reach out for help and lean into new possibilities!) They tell me that in our work together, they feel empowered to make the changes they long for. They experience healing and are equipped with tools to address the stressors of life.  

    They grow in confidence and compassion for themselves and others. Wounds are healed. New strengths and gifts are discovered. Along with that comes a new joy and sense of freedom. Freedom to live life authentically. Freedom to dream and act on those dreams. This results in healthier relationships, renewed vitality and greater resiliency throughout the peaks and valleys of life.

    You matter...Your dreams matter...Let's Talk!

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
    – C.S. Lewis

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