• About Lisa

    About Lisa

    A Bit of My Story

    Growing up, I was taught that messes were something to avoid. Be perfect. Be strong. Big feelings are not allowed. Don’t color outside the lines and stay neat and tidy. The problem was, I was a hands on little girl with big feelings, who loved to create, experiment and at times got a little messy.  

    To make a long story short, I have experienced my share of messes and not just the creative fun ones. Situations and mistakes that were anything but beautiful. Some of my own making. Others were a result of living in an imperfect world with imperfect people. Messes that seemed inescapable or insurmountable. Through God’s grace, some safe traveling companions (including some skilled therapists), I found hope, and began the journey of healing and health. As a result, I began the second half of life vocation as a therapist. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 

    Guiding Principles

    One of my guiding principles is that all people are unique individuals of great worth. Each of us has our own story. And those stories are to be honored as they continue to unfold. The previous chapters of our lives don’t have to define who we are becoming today and tomorrow!  Growth and healing  are possible. And grace and truth are important ingredients in the process.  As a therapist, one of my great joys is equipping people and witnessing their transformation as they experience the power of  grace and truth in their own lives.

    I also believe renewal comes through caring for the whole person – spirit, soul and body. And each person has an inherent capacity to heal in a beautiful wonderous way! In my work with clients, we address all facets of health and incorporate a holistic treatment approach.

    Spirituality & Vocation

    I am passionate about equipping and helping people who want to incorporate their spirituality and faith with their personal and professional lives. 

    Much of my adult life has been spent in church ministry. Over the years, I have witnessed deeply spiritual people struggle with emotional, relational, and mental health issues and not know what to do or where to go for help. They’ve felt pressure to minimize the pain and gloss over the more difficult aspects of their stories. Or worse, they have experienced abuse and betrayal in communities where they have sought safety and compassion.  As a therapist, I am committed to be a resource for healing and bridging that gap.

    In addition to my work with clients, I love participating in the development of new clinicians. This includes providing training and clinical supervision to pre-licensed therapists. I also enjoy my work with graduate students as an adjunct instructor at Western Seminary’s counseling program.

    Beyond Work…

    In my spare time you might find me enjoying nature, tending my garden, reading, or having fun and making memories with friends and family. Including my husband, adult children and four adorable grandsons!

    “Grace meets us where we are at, but does not leave us where it found us.”
    – Anne Lamont


    •  M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy, Western Seminary
    •  B.S. Dietetics/Nutrition, University of California, Davis

    Professional Training